SSD – Super Speed Upgrade – A move you won’t regret!

SSD – Super Speed Upgrade – A move you won’t regret!

Take your computer to the next level with an SSD Upgrade.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive – or Super Speed Drive as we like to call them!

When we talk about SSD Solid State Drives, we’re referring to the new, lightning fast hard-drives on the market.

What is a hard-drive? Despite the impression of some, it is not the computer itself, or the “tower.” A hard drive is the part inside the computer that holds Windows and all of your software and precious data.

Traditional hard drives (still the type sold in most computers today) have many moving parts. They’re slow, noisy and prone to failure. And as Jason puts it, it’s like having a turntable (record player) driving a computer — not exactly modern technology*.

*As a vinyl record devotee, I personally take issue to this analogy (in good fun!). But he’s not wrong…

I describe the jump from a traditional hard-drive to an SSD drive to be on-par with the jump from dial-up Internet to High-Speed Internet (Cable, DSL or Fibre).


It really is that big of a difference! 

Here’s one of many articles that support this stance.

If you want the most significant upgrade any computer can handle, let us get you there!

Our flat-rate SSD upgrades start at a very affordable $299 (parts -and- labour included).

Contact Tech-Tree for more information (you’ll be happy you did).

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