It’s a New Year – Time for New Gear!

It’s a New Year – Time for New Gear!

It’s a new year – time for new gear! How about the Cadillac of backup systems? Or a file server? Or a device that does all of this — as well as backs itself up to the cloud? Welcome to the world of NAS (Network Attached Storage)!

A NAS is a small, affordable solution to bridge the gap between a small (even home-based) business and enterprise. Key benefits:

Centrally accessed storage / file server:

– Users can all access the same folder, or set of folders from one centrally managed place.


– Hard drives are the leading point of failure in computers, but with a NAS you have at least one other hard drive there working in tandem. If one dies, the NAS quickly reverts to the next one, saving you time and money — but most importantly, it saves your data!

Remote access:

– Have you ever wanted to access your files on the go? Maybe you don’t have or want your data sitting with Dropbox or OneDrive? There’s no need; with a NAS, you can access all of your files remotely right from where they sit on the local device.

Disaster Recovery / Cloud Backup:

– Redundant hard-drives are great for local failures. But what if a natural disaster, or theft, compromised that device? Pairing the NAS with a cloud service such as Dropbox or OneDrive can allow all of the NAS’ data to be seamlessly backed up to the third-party service.

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