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Windows Diagnostics – Your FREE Assessment

Windows Diagnostics – Your FREE Assessment

Have you ever wanted to do a quick health-check on your Windows PC but not sure what diagnostics tool(s) to use?

This week, we’ll review a simple built-in utility in Windows called Resource and Performance Monitor and how to use it for a quick diagnostic.

NOTE: These steps work in Windows 7 through 10. The diagnostics aren’t exhaustive — but you’ll gain perspective without having to enlist a potentially un-trusting third-party tool (many of which exist in the wild).


Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard.


In the Run dialog box, type: perfmon /report as shown below and click OK.


Windows Diagnostics - Your FREE Assessment


The Resource and Performance Monitor will appear and it will take 60 seconds to collect its data.


Windows Diagnostics - Your FREE Assessment


When it finishes, an overall summary of system health appears in the Resource Overview section. Additionally, there are a number of specific areas that can be expanded based on component.


Windows Diagnostics - Your FREE Assessment


Some of the info might be hard to grasp, but there’s a handy Save As feature we’re going to look at next. Why save it? If you have any questions/concerns about the results, this will allow you to share it with Tech-Tree.


Click File > Save As…


Windows Diagnostics - Your FREE Assessment


Name and save the file to a folder where you’ll easily find it; we suggest saving it to the Desktop.


Open the file for review. Or email the file to us at for further assistance.


Please post requests for future topics on our Facebook page. And as always, for any assistance with this topic, or anything else, please Contact Tech-Tree!

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